Saturday, December 24, 2011

Creche That Wasn't Turned On

I have been saving this particular creche for either an evening when it was snowing (and it has NOT snowed yet in Utah), or for Christmas Eve.

I was out delivering gifts tonight and ran over to the house where it was, fully expecting to have a glorious and spectacular chance to make a photograph. Instead I pulled up and the lights for the nativity set were not on.

I almost cried when I realized that all of the other lights on the house were bright and lit and the Nativity was not. I was tempted to walk and turn on the lights myself, but noticed there were people inside and I wasn't about to go up and knock and ask them to turn on the lights. Instead I decided to see just what kind of an image I'd get if I shot it as it appeared.

I kind of almost like it more like this. I mean, there was probably no neon signs pointing to the manger, no brightly colored lights heralding the Savior's birth (save the star...). Despite popular culture's depictions of the Baby Jesus, we can pretty much conclude that he did not act as his own light source and instead rested in a dark and poorly lit stable. It almost seems fitting then that this creche was not lit, that I actually had to look to find it and peer into the shadows to see the main players. The distraction of the bright lights of the city on the one side and the hustle and bustle of the busy road on the other. It seemed a fitting metaphor for the way the world general treats the celebration of Christmas.

As disappointed as I was initially when I pulled up, I have changed my attitude towards it not being lit. I am actually glad that I had to pay attention to see the Christ figure in the shadows. I find it very similar to how I have to live my life on a daily basis. Ironic, isn't it.

Creche That Wasn't Turned On, 2011

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