Thursday, December 29, 2011

Creche That Defies Description

Polla and I went out tonight to an address that we had seen on the local news. It took a while to find, but once we did we were not disappointed. There were 3 Nativities in this yard. One very old vintage Nativity was stolen, along with the baby Jesus from another set, on Christmas Eve.

After I made my photograph we were invited up to see all of the unique figures that he's collected over the years. Some are very rare, some are very valuable. I am not using names and I will not divulge an address out of respect for his collection. It is impressive.

I asked him what the most unique figure he has is and he told me that one of his remaining vintage Nativity Scenes were the most precious to him. I was glad to hear that.

Creche That Defies Description, 2011

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