Thursday, December 13, 2012

Creche That Was Very Understated

Creche That Was Very Understated, 2012

I went cruising around this afternoon because I had a few minutes while it was actually still daylight and so I took advantage of it.

After I picked up chicken feed and headed home I drove past a house that had twenty-odd inflatable Christmassy-thingies and I slowed down to see if they had a Nativity tucked in there somewhere. They did not.

As I was pulling away I glanced at the house next door. It was very understated and hardly had any lights or decoration on it at all.

What I did see was a very classy, subdued and tucked-away-in-the-corner-not-attracting-very-much-attention-to-itself figure of Joseph, Mary and Jesus. I had nice light and I couldn't pass it up. The juxtaposition and irony was too much to ignore.

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Ranae Zauner said...

Love this creche, its understated nature is a lovely parallel to the nativity story itself.

By the way, happy you decided to do this again this year!

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