Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Creche That Is Incredibly Awesome

Creche That Is Incredibly Awesome, 2012

I saw this creche while I was up in Ogden running some errands earlier this week. The light was terrible and I couldn't get the shot I really wanted, so I promised myself I would re-visit it again today.

On the way up to Logan I went and found it again and spent some time and made a few different views of it. The whole yard is dedicated to one single Nativity scene, so it was impossible to get it all without just actually being there in person.

The view I am showing now is just the center manger section of this Nativity. Even though I'm just showing a very small section of the entire display, this part alone is very impressive.

When I saw it the first time I just sat and stared at it for about five minutes. Today I got to spend about fifteen minutes making a few different exposures. It was pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this again. I look forward to it each December. A Northern Wyoming fan.

Michelle Kincaid said...

Im so glad you do this. I gave your link out on my facebook page so my friends could enjoy it. I love the last one too and I have saved the picture so I could eventually maybe do one like it!
Thanks for this Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Cordelia said...

Are you doing it this year?(December 2013) Can't find it.

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